Kevin Roger
If you did not read The history of artificial intelligence part-01 click here to read. It is only a matter of generation, the problem associated with creating artificial intelligence will
There is an outstanding impact of mobile technology in our daily life. No doubt, we cannot do without the mobile technology. Take a second on this; consider being separated
As John McCarthy said – artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making not just ordinary machines, but intelligent ones, and most especially, intelligent computer programs. Before we getting to the
Do you ever wonder how mobile technology works to suit our lives? Every impact that mobile tech has made on us
Every day, people use different software and systems to complete their tasks. However, only a few people can explain what the systems entail. Over time, Linux operating systems have become popular among both personal
RESEARCH ADVANCEMENT IN MAKING TECHNOLOGY MORE HUMAN: THE CURRENT STATE OF THINGS A lot of funding is still on-going in the technological innovations. The
The world needs data to advance in speed. You may be reluctant to agree that you don’t need data to make most decisions in life. Lol. I bet you are contemplating whether to agree or not. As beginner or data guru in
Do you create web services? If yes, then this topic is something you will be interested in. I am going to be exposing you software that gives you ultimate performance. This is not an advertising theme, rather, it is an updated fact that people, most
According to AT&T 2018 survey on technology trends for small businesses, about 10% of general consumers could relate with 5G, and 34% are showing inquisition to know more about technology. Consequently, CB insight
There was a prediction that artificial intelligence would wipe out more than 1.8 million jobs in the globe. In contrast, 2.3 million jobs would be created by 2020. This is to prove that more jobs
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