Why Education Is Keen On Leveraging On Mobile Technology

by Kevin Roger
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Mobile technology is a great tool in our hands. Because of this, industries in education, health, finance and more have embraced mobile technology to aid their functionality. I bet you need to be exposed to sectoral embracement of mobile technology and how it is being managed.


Studies have shown that mobile technology strongly aids teaching and learning experience. Many people who use mobile technology in the educational field, only use it in increasing efficiency and not ultimately effectiveness.  Nevertheless, mobile technology is still widely accepted in our society.

Educational reform rely solely on mobile technology for its impact. Technology-facilitated learning is not supplementing the traditional teaching-based classroom. School children now have the exposure to digital devices such as tablets, iPads, etc. This doesn’t end there, young individuals turn to their mobile devices for virtually everything – like news, eBook, and other materials.

This trend was not available for about 30 years ago. So, when the educational sector capitalizes on mobile tech, we see that is a profound move towards motivating today’s digital pro (young ones) to better and creative ways to learn.

How does mobile tech aid education?

It is simple! The first thing we’d notice is in the rate at which learners or students desire an on-access source of information at all times. Mobile learning is able to make available information that students need in more than 80 per cent of the times they need them. Portable software devices are used in modern schools and at homes as well which gives students the opportunity to get information and use the information at time that suits them.

Schools are able to develop apps that help students keep track of their learning goals – which includes assignment and projects and that will help the teachers monitor the students learning progress.

Motivated learning is another significant aid of mobile technology. School children like the visualizations, graphics, and jingles that mobile tech comes with when learning. They can relate well with the devices because they are familiar with them. At least, it is fun when you don’t have to excessively rack your brain because what is to be learned is attractive in the first place. Your interest is sparkled when you are to study using a device you are familiar with.

When learning using the devices, children see them as play and with that, learning is motivated and their morale is stimulated. A study conducted in Northern Ireland using iPad in nursery and primary school showed a variety of benefits that learners enjoy when teachers use mobile devices as teaching and when students use mobile devices as learning tools in the classroom.

Some of the finding is that, communication skill, mathematical skills, reading and writing skills are enhanced when devices like iPad or other mobile techs are used for learning in the classroom.

That is the gist about why schools are adopting digital mobile technologies that are highly and speedily internet-connected.

If you are a child of the twenty-first century, this is your time. Digitalization is here to stay and progress.

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