According to AT&T 2018 survey on technology trends for small businesses, about 10% of general consumers could relate with 5G, and 34% are showing inquisition to know more about technology. Consequently, CB insight reported that to launch a small business, it cost about 3.3 million pounds in 2000. But in 2011, it only cost less than 3,200 pounds. These findings are just out of several other surveys that show how businesses are responding to increases in benefits that technology (especially mobile tech).

In this regard, you are going to learn benefits of mobile technology in small business while it has already placed big business at the top of all games country sectors.

It is important to know that the jobs small business owners is not complete until right technologies that help in streamlining, simplifying and in speeding everyday task is put in place. In terms of connectivity and service, it is no doubt that it creates good service relationships between customers and the business.

Here, we’d be looking at how you can put the significance of mobile technologies in fundamental areas of small scale enterprises to work. Starting up small businesses is scaling very fast. So, you need to eliminate those things that can block you and use mobile tech to our advantage.

What to do with mobile technology in small business..

Create an armor for your marketers using mobile tech: don’t neglect the fact that sales representatives are key to your growing business. And, if you don’t have a sales team, ensure that you guard yourself appropriate mobile devices for your dealing with customers. The tools to mobile sales team that need to be embraced are PDAs, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, with mobile devices, quick sales tools such as email, calendar reminders, and the internet can be accessed and that will aid productivity and enhance sales.

Mobile payment: this is one of the fantastic steps you can take to ensure customer relationship. Once your services or goods can be paid for conveniently, more transactions would be enhanced. Reports from simple business owners have shown that their businesses wouldn’t have gone anywhere if not for mobile device. Another report showed that mobile device is like a convenient incentive for customers’ deals with small businesses.

Ensure flexibility and reduce expenditure: no doubt, agility, and efficiency are the real-time advantages of mobile technologies. Being able to carry out tasks using mobile apps implies that your business is saving cost. When you include mobile tech, you will be able to save time and cost. By sending emails, using social media platforms (like ads) and other customer reach-out means, you can meet many of your customer’s needs with ease and within a short time. This will allow you to reduce costs as well.

Integrate mobile app to handle management projects: mobile apps are being developed for start-ups to carry out tasks such as meeting scheduling, customer notifications, mapping, and invoice and account notification. The possibilities in this regards are enough to motivate you to incorporate mobile tech into your business in other to grow.

Add QR Coding: an interesting thing about QR code is that it allow customers to have access to your business mobile which they will be loyal to. Your QR code allows clients to download your business app and also to ensure wireless credit card which is more secure when your business code is available.

While some start-up may be busy ranting and complaining of increases in paperwork that they deal with daily, you’d find out that with mobile tech on your side, you are at the edge over your competitors. These are strategies you can engage in to increase your business efficiency while saving cost at the same time. Having your business digitalized places you in a 24hr control of your business while you monitor your customers’ dashboard and account.

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