With the 2020, corona virus pandemic almost becoming our new normal, it would be fair to admit the fact that the 2021 period came with a lot of uncertainties. The saddening loss of lives, closure of schools, banks, and almost every institution, forcing everyone in their homes. However, on the other hand, this period was a blessing in disguise in the technology industry.

Everyone was forced to embrace technology in their daily lives, most especially phone technology. From ordering foodstuffs, students attending classes, people in business video-conferencing, mobile phone apps were at the center of them all.

More mobile technology advancements were also made during this pandemic period. For starters was the roll out of the 5G mobile network. Mobile OS advancement wasn’t left out either. For android, there was the latest Linus OS released, and for iOS was Darwin. These improvements not only geared up the devices but also made them powerful tools.

But with the hope of this pandemic coming to an end and everything going back as it used to be, the main question remains, will the newly acquired mobile trends decline? Well, you got that one right. Nope! They most likely won’t die with the pandemic.

Below are the reasons why;

01.New consumer habits

You would be surprised how much new mobile trends have changed many people’s old habits. From physically getting used to going to the grocery store to getting everything delivered at our doorstep. This is one trend most people won’t be willing to let go of.

02.Working from home

Mobile trends taught people how they could work from their comfortable sofa in their homes. This won’t be easy to let go

03.Socializing online

For indoor lovers, this is a trend they’ll embrace for eternity, with the new trends hooking up different online.

04.New ways to have fun

Mobile trends came up with more ways for people to have fun. More online games were developed. For teens and game lovers, this is a no letting go trend.

Mobile trends in 2021

01. Development of more mobile apps

In 2020, it was all about using mobile apps to keep you running. Most apps in our phones served people like exact restaurants, schools, or shopping malls would do. In 2021, many businesses will embrace apps to take them to another level.

02. Mobile banking

Since 2020 was a “no bank entry” year, banks have developed mobile banking systems. In 2021, they plan to make mobile banking even more effective to eliminate the long queues at the banks.

03. Mobile artificial intelligence

Talking to a phone and getting feedback is cool. However, 2021 will get more interesting with the mobile intelligence advancement coming through.

04. Mobile security

In 2020, many people fell victim of fraud and cyber-attacks. In 2021 the mobile security will be beefed up to curb all this.

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