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by Kevin Roger
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Do you ever wonder how mobile technology works to suit our lives? Every impact that mobile tech has made on us can be found in software development aspect as this is the basis on which mobile technology functions. We cannot miss out in every benefit that mobile technology has to offer us. New software projects are being developed in every single day. Also, mobile apps are being deployed to suit various purposes in approximately three months interval.

Even organizations are consistently talking about the need to keep up with the pace of mobile technology development. As said earlier, mobile technology relies on some tools (mobile app tools) which aids its functionality in the global world entirely.

These are some of the latest smartphone technology development tools used by tech gurus to change our world. These tools are based on suggestions from gurus and are rated till present date.


Xamarin: This is a cross platform latest smartphone technology development tool preferred and used to develop native applications – as a mobile developer, you should know it is popularly used to develop apps for IOS, Windows, and Android.

It mono framework permits transmission with any mobile devices and the component storage has cross-platform libraries, UI control and has inbuilt third party library. Xamarin has more market sale propensities because it has fewer bugs. It also permits application deep-linking and indexing.

PhoneGap: this is also a cross-platform app development with a plug-in design. Its functionality with mobile app development is based on the fact that it is an Open Source free tool (Mono Framework). PhoneGap is not limited to developing a specific app that works for a single brand mobile device, rather, its app development can work on any mobile device – be it Android, IOS or Windows.

Using PhoneGap works very well on CSS3, HTML, and Java. And finally, it is a robust tool anyone can learn, and use to build mobile applications without no need of special skill.

Appcelerator: With few lines coding, you are good to go with appcelerator. It also works with IOS, Windows, and HTML. This mobile tech tool helps to speed development of mobile apps. It has higher storage in terms of its cloud capacity. Appcelerator is designed on open standard with unlimited access to the mobile Operating System (OS) it’s working with.

Are you thinking of how apps when developed are tested? Here are few recommended tools used to validate functionality and effectiveness of mobile tech apps.


Experitest: This is well recognized as a leading platform for testing mobile apps. While analyzing the application, it performs and executes several automated and manual tests on 1000+ real Android devices and IOS cloud. From your app IDE, Experitest deploys Appium tests easily for your performance. Your mobile testing cycles and the quality of your app release is increased. Experitest checks your app visual reports and analytics.

Headspin: if your interest is in latest smartphone technology development tools for business and commercials, then Headspin is the tool for you. Although other tools are fantastic as well, but, Headspin is a platform directed in such area.

What is headspin distinctiveness? This is ascertained in the fact that it provides businesses and commercials with real-world user experience insights. Headspin prepares users for future challenges in dealing with clients experience cutting across large mobile ecosystem.

Headspin provide visibility at both pre-launch and post-launch. It doesn’t provide SDK to expand code base because all is done through API. With its AI engines, it automatically organizes app performances time from the smallest to the largest impact.

There are several other mobile tech tools working in the areas of analytics – such as App Watch, other cross-platform app development – such as Ionic, Mobincube, LongRange, Qt, Alpha Software etc. These are the basics on which mobile technology functions to change our world.

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