Mobile Technology
With the 2020, corona virus pandemic almost becoming our new normal, it would be fair to admit the fact that the 2021 period came with a lot of uncertainties. The saddening loss of lives, closure of schools, banks, and almost every institution, forcing everyone in their homes. However, on the other hand, this period was...
You’ve probably never even heard of some of the most excellent operating systems there are. But if you are a total geek and love geeky stuff, it would be worth reading about that kind of thing. This post attempts to put together the top 10 mobile operating systems that you must know. The exigency to...
We live in the age of gadgets and smartphones, and connectivity has never been so easy; we’re still linked to our friends and millions of other people
From the World Bank desk, financial inclusion is increasing. Global Findex database as at 2017, revealed that 1.2
Mobile technology is a great tool in our hands. Because of this, industries in education, health, finance and more
About 40% of companies CEO said they were confident about their profit growth potential in the
There is an outstanding impact of mobile technology in our daily life. No doubt, we cannot do without the mobile technology. Take a second on this; consider being separated
Do you ever wonder how mobile technology works to suit our lives? Every impact that mobile tech has made on us
According to AT&T 2018 survey on technology trends for small businesses, about 10% of general consumers could relate with 5G, and 34% are showing inquisition to know more about technology. Consequently, CB insight
Who ever thought of having cell phones in the 60’s? Did you ever think of having the substance called “smartphone” that will have the series of features that we have
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