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We are pleased to have you on our platform. Your privacy is our priority. We are keen about the information to supply to our page and we want to keep you abreast of the information we receive from you and how it is treated.

The use of our website

Our privacy policy describes the kind of information you supply to us and that may be stored and used every where in world and across publishing website. We have described this below.

The data we collect

While you are engaged with our platform, you may provide contact and personal information to us. This information is based on commenting, contact forms, subscribing to newsletters and the information we may process on your behalf. Upon commenting, filling contact forms or subscribing to newsletters you would be asked to provide information such as your name and email address, The information we process on your behalf helps us to provide you good online-relational experience with our platform.

How we use data we collect about you

We use personal information we collect about you for a range of reasons which are restricted to;

Sending you system notification messages such as changes in our services or update notifications, probable changes in our privacy policies, and regular newsletters.

Providing full customer  support while you need our assistance.

We also use the information receive from you to filter notifications for you on your account with us.

For legal requirement for the use of our service.

To improve service delivery and experience.

Cookies and other technologies

We use various technologies to collect and safeguard your information while you interact with our platform. These may include cookies and other relational technologies such as beacon/harsh in the emails sent to you is used to confirm if our email was delivered. This would further let us know if the link attached is clicked. It may allow us to know the kind of browser you use and that lets us improve your browsing experience. If at any period you wish to unsubscribe from any cookie policy, you can reach us through our contact button. We would gladly act based on your request.

Other information


You should avoid images attached with location data (e.g.,EXIF GPS) while you upload images or any other media to our website.

On our platform, we have a variety of posts which you may get updates when you subscribe to our newsletter. Our blog posts are available for reading, commenting upon, updating, and may be used by any of our members including visitors. If you comment on any of our posts and you it deleted, kindly reach us on our contact button.

Our platform includes social media buttons such as Facebook,Twitter and others, which you are liable to if you desire to share our posts.

At some points in time, we may offer you quick surveys or other promotional offers. These are voluntary and they only help us get your suggestions on how we can improve on your user experience on our platform.

Questions/Answers If you have any questions for us at, kindly get in touch with us using our contact button.


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