08 Reasons Why Ubuntu Core Is Best 

by Kevin Roger
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ubuntu core

If You aware that ever advancing technology world Ubuntu is the best of all Linux distributions and core is the tiniest edition. It is one of the advanced and amazing technological innovations.Ubuntu Core is a Ubuntu Operating systems transferable model made primarily for the use of internet related technologies and applications. This uses the generic ubuntu kernel in a lesser scale and supports numerous technologies, and portals including robotics,digital signage screens and IOT devices.

Ubuntu core can be customized to our needs and it ensures usability and user friendliness of the system. The interesting thing is image size is about 260MB. Here we will tell you 08 reasons why ubuntu core is best.

01.Lesser Image Size

Image size of the ubuntu core is around 260Mb. This enables it to run on devices with minimal resources and to achieve higher performances.

02 Multi Platform Compatibility

You can run Ubuntu core as a virtual machine in popular platforms like: 

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Intel NUC mini Pc
  • Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM)
  • Intel Joule Compute Module

03.Ubuntu Core operates with snap packages

Snappy is a Linux operating system software deployment and package management platform developed by Canonical. These snaps help to install and publish Linux software. Using snaps allows users to quickly launch Linux software.

04.Assures of security

Ubuntu core is a strong security operating system that can combat the security challenges faced by modern computing. Canonical provides 10 years of security updates for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

05.Minimal errors

One of the best features of Ubuntu Core is lowered operating system to minimize the layer of the attack.Therefore less packages to strike and less bugs to patch.

06.Open Source

Unlike other operating systems ubuntu core is open source and source code is freely available. Under GNU General Public License (GPL) the Software can be collaboratively developed.Programmers can modify the OS and use it for own objectives.

07.Multi programming

It is possible to run multiple applications simultaneously. This is a very important aspect of ubuntu core in view of internet of things and expands the possibilities of the OS.

  1. Supports several languages.

Ubuntu core supports several languages so it can be used internationally.

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