Big Data
Big data refers to data sets that are high in volume, velocity and variety. The data is so enormous that traditional software that we are used to are not capable
Are you a prospective analysis, a business insider, or strategist? Does your field relate to data science, logistics, and information technology? And finally, if you are planning on becoming a tech guru, then, this piece of information
Big data reports have highlighted different countries, how they have developed, applied and also implemented big data. More so, artificial intelligence,
Did you know that a revenue projection between 2014&2026 shows that the annual big data revenue worldwide is projected at $18.3 to $92.2 billion? – Wikibon big data report.  A shocking part
You must have come in contact with the saying that “nothing good comes without its other side.” The case of big data is not different. Big enterprises are including factoring in budget for big data every year. This shows
Both individual enterprises and organizations are confronted with the challenges of big data. However, only the
Data generation will never stop. From many sources like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and several others, it appears we are going to eventually outbreak the set time and storage for
Most people are still lurking in the dark about certain facts about big data. Daily, our world is evolving full of data. As a beginner, or if you are interested
Dealing with big data is ever growing and wide in scope. Why is it the case? It is wide and ever-growing because it has a consistent and ever-increasing component, structure and changing environment. Whether you aim at becoming
The world needs data to advance in speed. You may be reluctant to agree that you don’t need data to make most decisions in life. Lol. I bet you are contemplating whether to agree or not. As beginner or data guru in
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