Big data reports have highlighted different countries, how they have developed, applied and also implemented big data. More so, artificial intelligence, and trending technologies for different fields have their backbone founded in big data which are directed at specific insights.

If you think about the amount, complexity and variety of data available to us, deriving a reliable intelligence and storing big data has become a crucial challenge for different organizations using big data for the running of their affairs.

The IT market is gaining momentum and the rate of expansion of great because of the transitioning we are experiencing from moving from traditional to modern or digital data. Everything is changing and a more robust technology is here to impact our changing environment.

Critical Areas having big data analytics at work

Health sector

Traditional data was used in the healthcare sector in the past. Hence, with the advent of big data, the healthcare industry can now give a holistic diagnosis and recording and care of patients. Industry can now improve care personalization, analyze the trend of healthcare across different hospitals. This will enable a good and validated evaluation of patients.

Learning institutions

Education is another important area where big data is at work. Teaching has passed the age of using the classroom board; rather, everything has become digitalized. Ranging from classrooms activities to the note making, to classrooms review, big data is taking over the educational avenue. Furthermore, schools make use of video lectures that enables more conducive and interactive student-teacher relationships.

Big data is gaining entrance to allowing teachers make more assessment scheme that helps them decide teaching methods, guide learners on career goals and help the learners come active learners.

Food production

Don’t forget the forecasting capacity of big data analytics. Our environment of changing so fast and our agricultural sector is affected by these changes – this is where big data comes to place. Big data has the role of helping farmers to predict and forecast, and that makes them aware of to plant at different times of the year.

Financial institution

Do you know that willingly, when you decide to register an account with the bank,  you are creating a repository of financial data. the central bank and the local banks know your financial status. The amount of money that goes into your account in every mount and year generate data on which banks and other financial institutions make use of. They are aware of your financial status, your address, your contact number, etc. which can be used for decision making. The data available to them are what they analyze on which they make decisions on loans, insurance, etc.


Do you remember suggestiveness of options when surfing the internet? In time past, media activities were limited to magazines and newspapers. But, with advent of big data technology, the internet has afforded us such an immense power to enjoy our researches and add to knowledge. As you are busy reading something on a niche, insights on your preference are being developed for future suggestions and preferences.

The media and entertainment industry makes use of big data as they collect array of customers’ data such as in subscription and based on the information derived. Upon analysis of the data, TV channels can be used to initiate change in the audience.

The functionality of big data cannot be exhausted. Software are improving, advancing and making data collection interesting to do. It is in big data service that out future lies.

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