The Intrinsic Value Of Big Data What Is You Must Know

by Kevin Roger
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what big data is big data definition

Did you know we are in the data world where everything that concerns us is based on the data, the data selected, collected, sorted, analyzed and interpreted for decision making?Are you aware of Big data and what it is? If you are a fan of the world where data matters, you would have known that data science is gaining momentum in the world of science and technology.

A Forbes newsletter acknowledged that Data growth rate is more rapid than ever and by 2020, every human being on planet earth would be exposed to approximately 1.7 megabytes size of new information in every single second.

Why Big data is important? To answer this question, you need to have an overview of what big data is.

Simply put, Big data is the word used to characterize and describe a volume of data – either structured or unstructured. An extension of knowledge was given by Data guru Gartner, who described Big data by 3 Vs – volume, variety and velocity or speed. 

Big data is the data that contains variety, velocity, and volume of information that requires creative information process that allows process automation, insight formation and decision making. The structure of data volume is not of important when understanding big data. Rather, Big data deals with how data are collected.

If you are a Data novice, you would be familiar with the fact that data is not only collected in figures, but, in several other ways such as in opinion polls, discussion and many more.

For big data example, when you surf the internet and you come across a series of survey questions that asks what you think about their product or website, data is being collected. Another is how data can be collected simply by “reading” your twitter comments.

Are you aware that your comments on trending topics can be collected and used for strategic decision making? Well, this is where most political decisions are “pre-made.” Yes, twitter comments – most especially when a large number of people are talking about an issue.

I want to believe you are surprised. Yes, this process is called data mining. The big data is then analyzed based on the categories of the selected issue.

Big data is way bigger (as the name implies) and more complex than what people were used decades ago. Big data is modern in data processing. The data sets used are in very high volume that olden data processing software cannot manage them.

For instance, traditional data sets are structured and mostly organized neatly into appropriate database. Now, Big data are generated in various unstructured, semi structured and rough format. With the advent of Big data, these unstructured and rough data like texts, audio, need a better preprocessing to better fit database and be meaningful.

When we are talking about Big data, It is not the amount of data that matters, it is what decisions can be made with the data that is important.  

Big data is rising beyond our comprehension in the world today and technological advancement is keeping up with the pace. You should not be left behind, everyone must rise to meet up this advancement because therein lies our hope and future.  If you can be exposed to such data volume in 2020, how much do you suggest will created for you if 25 years is added to your present age?

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