How big data works is interesting. Data needs to be collected, organized, and connected for proper and reasonable interpretations. Organizations hire big data engineers to make use vast amount of data for business decisions. Moreover,not only do companies and organizations make use big data, they evaluate or filter the data for them to make usefulness of it.
Series of software and hardware capable of processing huge amount of data are becoming available at our disposal. More so, storage and analyzing big data using those software and hardware are also becoming user friendly because of improvement made on them.

On average big data engineer salary annually is $ 125,000

Cloud computing is on the rise as organizations don’t need having their own supercomputers to do series of data crunching. Even large team of data scientists and big data engineers are not needful before wrangling data for organizational decision use.

Data farms are available for data distribution over multiple servers which can be scaled through as fast as possible. MapReduce, Hadoop, and MPP, are making scaling distribution possible and fun to do.

Our world is ruled by big data. Technological devices you use daily, generates data. When you use your smartphone, your Google smart watch etc. Chatting with your friends and family on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more generates a huge amount of data. Going online generally produces series of digital information trail that is stored.

Now, you want to ask; how does big data work? How does it affect us? What does working with big data imply?
Working with big data comes in a variety of dimensionality. A key understanding you should have is that, digital technologies is the backbone of big data. Whether you’re using the apps on your phone to navigate around a location – such as looking for routes to a particular destination, shop for products and services, and connect on social media. These are data sources that that collocate to form big data.

A lot of big machines from different industries such as from manufacturing machines, hospital machines, airport technologies and even your car devices, all produce data that when collated becomes big.

By analysis, organizations analyze big data for purposes such as to discover structure, trends and patterns to interact with advancing technology and ever-dynamic human behaviour. The findings made are then used to decide human living condition – including environment, work life, and how humans mingle with one another.

Another thing you should know about working of/with big data is that big data appear in forms such as in text, visuals (images and video), and in audio. This is important as analysis of each format can vary from conversation format to arrangement format before reasonable analysis can interpretation can be made.

Analyses from big data are used to target ads at customers, to the products they think they are likely to buy. Also, big data can be used to target ads at the general public on different issues.

Importantly, big data works by equipping us with relevant tools on which we can make insights according to the data analysis. With big data, we make more than ninety-eight per cent prediction of the future. Intelligence, government agencies and statisticians can work with big data for effective delivery for decisions. Keep this fact that as you move out your house daily engaging with your routine life, technology and big data is helping different sectors to get a lot of information about us. 

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