Virtual Reality Is Advancing The Military

by Kevin Roger
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Perhaps you are thinking if virtual reality only for fun because of what you’ve heard about it. You are making a big mistake thinking in that. This is because virtual reality is an embodiment of technology magnificently designed to open our eyes to testing out impossibilities that we may forestall of the future.

What are we talking about?

Virtual reality is greatly influencing the army. Remember that in the 1960s, the CIA invested so much in virtual reality research and development. Since that time, the military has been working towards deploying virtual reality uses into more sophisticated military interests such as flight stimulation, vehicle stimulation, boot camp, battle-field training, and medical training battlefield.

Within the three arms of the military such as the navy, army, and air force, virtual reality is being used to efficiently train recruited officers, preparing them for real life military events in their career.

During virtual reality training, officers are trained using the virtual environment so as to avoid risk associated with real world combat or sort. When soldiers are trained using the VR, they learn to respond and act to events that has a correspondence in the real world.  Using virtual reality tech is cost effective when compared to olden methods used in time past.

Upon successful completion of virtual reality tests, soldiers are then exposed to a re-enacted scenario to replicate a learned behavior from the virtual world in the real world.

Flight simulation

Even in entertainment, there are several flight programs which you can try out. At the expense of this, the military adopted a more training-developed software useful for training soldiers in the virtual world.  With this training, there is a simulator designed to match that of a real military aircraft which soldiers/pilots uses joystick for navigation. The joystick allows a pilot to simply change direction and the simulator gives a force feedback via the joystick and that make the pilot feel the simulator imitating the real aircraft event in the real world. So, from this feed backs, the pilots will be able to adjust movements in line with the feedback provided.

Virtual reality simulator in this case displays images mimicking real world such as virtual landscape of battlefield. In fact, the images that are presented look like the ones in the real world – such as having a view of battle-field from a real helicopter or fighter jet. Other equipment and fittings of a real chopper are exactly in the same position as they would be if it were a real aircraft.

Battlefield simulation

Battle stimulation virtual reality uses a type of gaming technology in training soldiers in weapon handling, and war tactics. An example of this is used by British military.  Here, the goal is always to teach team work, obedience to commands, and strict following of information. It is so interesting that, the stimulation used in the program breeds different military feeling. It can breed hostile environment, show a change in weather conditions. These changes are what invigorates its realism that soldiers are expected to respond to appropriately.

The VR tracksuits, virtual reality glasses and HMD create images that changes as soldiers move their heads. The tracksuits also has a tracking system that plot movements of the body as a feedback to the consoles.

It is a matter time before discover more intriguing purposes of virtual reality than we already know presently.

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