Will Robots Take Our Jobs Part-02

by Kevin Roger
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will robots take our jobs part-02

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By emphasis, artificial intelligence is likely to eliminate some middle level and low-level jobs. In fact, it is already doing that. According to Kai-Fu Lee (2017), robots would replace 50 percent of jobs before 2030. Before now, the order of the day was to receive data and begin to arrange, organize and so on. But, to day, data is collected from every source and processed. Cleaning of data is never as easy as we have now.

This is how we are bound to go in artificial intelligence. IT personnel and consultants are increasing daily. New field are opening for new people to explore data science and artificial intelligence. There are new job positions. 100 years ago, we didn’t have so many so disciplines focusing on different phases of technology. In fact, people lost hope and never believed in anything artificial intelligence 80 years ago until they started seeing the smartness of the technology after several improvement.

Scientific research into artificial intelligence was relieved of funding at a point and for people to enroll as a researcher became difficult. But now, we have so many interesting subfields looking into various segments of artificial intelligence and machine learning. IoT is also experimenting several connectivity and job positing and experiences are increasing as well.

For significant purpose, jobs in virtual assistance are increasing and we cannot simply say that computers are going to replace humans in this area. Although, we have chatbots that can take up calls, and respond appropriately, we would have more advanced ones later in the future. But, to explicitly imply that human jobs will be taken, is not actually feasible.

Rather than opine that robots are taking our jobs away, we should anticipate the possibility of creating jobs that are human-machine oriented. By human-machine orientation, we mean jobs that are both human-friendly and machine-friendly. This is allow us to be able to seek robotic development and fitting to our environment. Just as it has been said by Lee, we needn’t focus on the increase in jobs, but to focus on augmenting humans with AI.

This will also help us to keep our heads up, acting a preventive role where our inventions will be in check. Totally, singularity is only a dream at the moment but we can be sure that most dreams in our age is possible. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and others who have left us have had theirs and achieved some. Research is on-going, and funding are being made to invent and make the impossible become a reality.  

We should orientate ourselves into augmenting ourselves with artificial intelligence so as to make things work for us. Our culture need to become adaptable to the world of artificial intelligence. Opportunities from artificial intelligence must be made such that our culture can easily adapt to them. Also, in the area of threats, we must be prepared to adapt to the potential problems and threats from artificial intelligence.

It is true that artificial intelligence will positively influence our world. To our jobs? Yes, our jobs will be influenced, but not totally positive. We are bound to have a good job experience with these technological and machine advancements.

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