Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Overview

by Kevin Roger
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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Overview,Artificial intelligence examples

There are quite some questions around the technology of artificial intelligence and robotics. If we look around us, we readily can answer some because we have been exposed to them for some time now. Even with the recent and technological innovations around us, some still find themselves in the dark about what artificial intelligence is.

Is artificial intelligence real?

Going by the name, artificial intelligence is real and not real. This is so because there is both a similitude of real and unreal intelligence. For example, based on what you want to do manually, you can still use an AI powered machine to perform the operation. The reality or artificiality of AI is on the replication of its function.

What is the intelligence in artificial intelligence and robotics technology?

Looking at the construct of intelligence, it can be explained in several ways such as logic, learning, planning, creativity, calculative approach, self-consciousness, comprehension and finally, problem solving. The aforementioned are what we appraise ourselves with that we assume we are intelligent. These features that we attach to ourselves have been channeled towards computer and tech world. We are inclined towards getting things handled by another entity that relates with our manually handled tasks as we world normally do.

Fantastically, entities that we are betrothing/replicating intelligence to, are even getting smarter than us owners and developer of the replicated knowledge.

Technically, artificial intelligence and robotics is a branch of computer science. Artificial intelligence resides in computer software, machines and computers generally. So, by virtue, machines imitates human information processes to solve simple or complex tasks. It looks into the making robots and computer to think smarter than human. You would find out that most devices you are getting touch with in this century are computerized – thanks to artificial intelligence. Moreover, its studies how our brain thinks, make decision, and learns. So, with this, computer software are programmed or designed to function mimicking our brain information processes (i.e. how we process information).

Everyone wants stress-free life. So, artificial intelligence makes use of the approaches such as coding, computer intelligence, mathematical optimization, artificial neural networking, probability and most time, statistical analytics.
Artificial intelligence cuts across a wide variety of disciplines such as computer science, psychology, statistics, linguistics, mathematics and cognitive neuroscience biology and more.

The world is evolving daily and no one wants to stay behind. Well, it is possible we have machine invasion sooner than we envisage. We have watched fictional movies (such as terminator genesis, transformer etc.) and have seen a lot of possibilities in machine intelligence. With the creating of our famous robot (Sofia), a lot of advancement in artificial intelligence have been recorded.

It appears that rights are being given to robot in some countries in the same way human rights are being conferred on us. Hopefully, we would be able to control these machines. Well, leaving out robotics as part of artificial intelligence, computation of artificial intelligence for human computer interaction such as in super-computers is fantastic to users. With simple algorithms, your super-computers can accomplish tasks up to 1000 times faster than you. Tackling millions of tasks within millisecond, we are dazed by the accomplishment of today’s’ world functioning in the field of artificial intelligence.

We cannot exhaust the functionality and the embodiment of artificial intelligence – starting to evaluate artificial intelligence today means continuing tomorrow.

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