Instances Where Technology Is Becoming More Human

by Kevin Roger
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Technology Is Becoming More Human


A lot of funding is still on-going in the technological innovations. The CIA, United nations etc., are channeling billions of dollars into research for scientific discoveries. We are receiving and experiencing good reports from scientists alike.

We will all become used to this age where technology is everything we see. As Gartner has said in that in its report, technology and Artificial software is a catalyst making us reinvent ourselves and become more human. And PwC survey of top companies CEOs revealed that the enduring winners or those who have been able to adapt, will be those who will be able to navigate technology and sustain the human touch.

The components behind this development vary. There is an attention on upgrading client experience to draw in observing purchasers (and workers). Simultaneously, we approach technologies that can supplement and expand on our abilities and even take on human attributes.

Here are some different ways this pattern is playing out on our lives and world.

Greater Experiences

Technological Innovation makes it conceivable and possible to gain access to things, and go about activities when and where we have to. It improves our lives and makes things work. In the work place, a craving to make better work our experience in the environment enhanced the advancement of another type of human resource instruments accessible when and where we need them. Everyday performance and everyday learning applications of PageUp’s, for instance, gives feedback and learning as individuals carry out their works. Investment in the PageUp commercial market gives clients access to the service providers they trust and that removes the fiction for candidate and employees.

Technology exhibiting our traits

Few years back, there were questions about the smartness and friendliness of technology. This category of question has been improved upon over the years. Concerning the friendliness and smartness of robots, a 2017 PwC report revealed that 50% of people agreed that virtual assistants they have encountered, has these traits (friendliness). They further agreed that virtual assistant was slow and could not make meaningful conversation. Nonetheless, there has been sound improvement in the creation of chat bots who can take up any issues and resolve them smartly and in friendly manner. No doubt people want to be treated with respect and empathy, and care. This may not be possible in every human to human interaction. But, robots can fit in to provide the care a person might need through nice and soothing conversation. When you chat with a chat bot about your health issue, chat bots will be able to communicate in such that you are pleased and feel loved (although robotic love).

Today, cultural sensitive and smart relational robotic algorithms are used to cater for cultural differences and avoid cultural issues and conflict when relating with people. In our world, technology has grown and is in a consistently growing manner in other to fit with our ideals and social standards. And now, organizations like Google and Microsoft are consistently employing behavioral scientists, poem writers and others from different fields for effective blend of research in this regard.

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