Video Games And Fun: Misconceptions And Facts

by Kevin Roger
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In 2018, there was a $43.4 billion increase in sale of video games worldwide – according to Entertainment Software Association. In the United States,over 164 million adults play video games. And about 75% of all American households have at least a video game.

Video game is seen as one of the best form of entertainment in the US. Hence, it has become an integral part of the American culture.

Going by the statistics given by ESA, you would be exposed to the hidden benefits of video games and the world statistics of video games players. In the actual sense of it, video games are played across every section of the age grades spanning from the young, old and both genders.

There seem to increase in number of video game players in America. This is as illustrated by ESA report from an extensive survey conducted on gamers in America. When asked of the benefit of video games on individual players, about 79% reported that video games gave them mental stimulation and relaxation, 78% stated that it helps them in relieving stress. Also, families and guardians also support the proliferation of video game with report showing that 74% of the parent believed video games to be educational for children. Also, 57% of those parents also join their wards at least once a week when they are playing video games.

Statistical breakdown and impact of video games

While we think that video games are entirely bad, finding shows that it could be beneficial as well.  The only exception to playing is in the case of addiction or game playing with no parental guidance. Certain games are meant for kids, while some are meant for adults. The rules have to be made clear and maintained.

In America, ESA reported that 90% of American parents pay apt attention to the kind games their children play. This would allow parents to caution excesses and prevent children from playing inappropriate games.

Games are fantastic when played with others. 63% of gamers play with others. Don’t forget friendship isn’t built in the air. Gaming is one of the fun ways to connect. This is why there are game stores where you meet with people and make new connections. Plus, gaming experience is more interesting when you have a real person you can confortable compete with, rather than the computer.

As said earlier, 75% of households in the US have at least a gamer in their families.

Furthermore, many gamers have at least a creative ability such as drawing, writing, singing etc.

Another interesting thing about this report is that gamers are likely to be more active in the society issues (about 59% stated that they are aware of the running of the country).

What are the devices used for playing video games among?

Smartphone: with the advent of augmented mobile devices, software is being installed for entertainment. With ESA report, 60% of gamers play games with their cell phones. 52% reported that personal computer is a great avenue for playing games as form of entertainment to them, while 49% said they preferred game consoles.

Most popular games genre are

Casual games: according to ESA, 71 % loved simply casual games. Probably, this population would be among the aged. Casual games are somehow good for relaxation as it keeps the brain calm rather than excite the hormones.

Action and Shooter: this falls under the teenage, young adult and middle adult. It is exciting as you may have to keep moving your hands and body in response to jubilation. 47% of gamers surveyed, reported they loved shooter genre of games while 53% opined for action games.

There is no significant difference in the gender of gamers as ESA noted that averagely 54% and 46 of gamers are male and female respectively.

I am sure with this report, you would find out that gaming isn’t as improper as some societies see it – thanks to technological advancement that modified how best gaming experience can be maximized for the social and personal good.

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