Virtual Reality
The term “metaverse” is a made up word that refers to a future version of the internet that is composed of continuous, shareable, 3D virtual places that are linked into a projected virtual cosmos. Users have been transformed into digital data sources in today’s society. We generate hundreds of gigabytes of data every day, which...
Virtual reality and augmented reality are both relatively new technologies, but they have a huge difference in how they work. Virtual reality completely immerses you in a simulated, computer-generated world whereas augmented reality superimposes digital effects on top of the real world. The reason virtual reality is more popular than augmented at this point is...
As said about immersion, to enjoy a full-fledge experience of the virtual world, there is a need to interact with the virtual environment. Don’t forget virtual reality makes you unaware
Do you know that between 1968 and 1980, the CIA contributed over 80,000 US Dollars to Sutherland’s invention on Virtual reality? That is about
Remember what is virtual reality is. It is a computer generated application environment that has a rich interactivity of users allowing them to explore and
Virtual reality isn’t something that is just starting with us in the 21st century; rather, it has been with us for a long time. Most people in the developing and even advanced world often confuse this at times that virtual reality
Perhaps you are thinking if virtual reality only for fun because of what you’ve heard about it. You are making a big mistake thinking in that. This is because virtual reality is an embodiment of technology
Virtual reality in building and design world is what is worth evaluating. I feel industries and individuals are going to be obsessed with virtual reality technology more than we can envisage.
Technology is becoming more fun every day. From time to time, accessories and gadgets incorporations are subsidizing our quest for knowledge