Top Organizations Advancing the Field Of Artificial Intelligence

by Kevin Roger
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Top Organizations Advancing the Field Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has expanded in the last decades. When we look at the expansion it has achieved, we would see that in the area of tools investment and companies’ setting up and areas of application. According to a press publication, more than 45 companies are dealing with artificial intelligence chips alone while hundreds if not thousands are dealing with a variety of software working with artificial intelligence in general. Big companies like Microsoft and google have massively exploring new categories different from what we already have today. It is only a matter of time before we begin to see them in activation.

Several companies including startups are springing up to rise up with the market for artificial intelligence. There is high profit and engagement in the area of artificial intelligence, so by guessing the large amount of companies we have could be a function of that. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget there is always a need to have an ongoing exploration and improvement so as to have good and perfect technology development for our societal as we are advancing.

Here, we evaluate some of the organizations influencing artificial intelligence and its abilities.


Great master Google is a leader in AI technology. In artificial intelligence, Google is going on a binge – more like fast-tracking innovation and development in artificial intelligence and research in machine learning, deep learning and augmented reality. Google investors are advancing artificial intelligence capacities and processes. The company doesn’t seem to always sell their innovations to the market, rather they use the invention to improve their service delivery. Its tensor flow (Tensor Processing Unit) project started about 2 years ago and this project is said to revolutionize everything.


This is another top company investor of artificial intelligence. Microsoft has a variety of consumer-oriented artificial intelligence projects. It has Cortana (a personal digital assistant that uses voice command in organizing our lives), Zo (an intelligent English language chat-bot), and many others in the areas of machine and deep learning which are useful to the world.

Zebra Medical Vision

In the area of Medical sciences, this Israeli company has been able to maximize artificial intelligence in deep learning to radiology (a field within the discipline of medical sciences). In 2017, it collaborated with google to move its algorithm to the google cloud for easy search of medical scans. So, this is a great privilege to access several scans of various medical issues on net.

This an automated scheduling network company. This company uses artificial intelligence to map out locations, time and convenience in scheduling meetings for users. They schedule meetings with the help of their virtual assistant Amy. Using Natural Language Processing NLP and machine learning, Amy is able to select meeting locations, and best time for the meeting. This is what top CEOs use for their meetings.


This is a Chinese company founded 20 years ago specializing in multiple internet related services, artificial intelligence and technology in general. Just recently, Tencent founded an artificial intelligence laboratory that develops tools in processing information within its ecosystem such as natural language processing and face recognition.


This company is more like a human resource company. Its artificial intelligence initiative is endeared towards using machine learning to assist employees in performing more efficiently on their tasks by simplifying the tasks and speeding them up. Salesforce has announced Einstein artificial intelligence service that would allow users to be able to develop their own applications with ease.

We cannot seem to get enough from artificial intelligence as many companies are coming on board on a daily basis. It is our time, so let’s maximize the opportunity and innovations we are blessed with.

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