Kevin Roger
Mobile technology is a great tool in our hands. Because of this, industries in education, health, finance and more
Dealing with big data is ever growing and wide in scope. Why is it the case? It is wide and ever-growing because it has a consistent and ever-increasing component, structure and changing environment. Whether you aim at becoming
Virtual reality isn’t something that is just starting with us in the 21st century; rather, it has been with us for a long time. Most people in the developing and even advanced world often confuse this at times that virtual reality
Many of us don’t believe totally in the pros and cons of artificial intelligence technology. While most people are obsessed with several benefit dimensions, innovations
Perhaps you are thinking if virtual reality only for fun because of what you’ve heard about it. You are making a big mistake thinking in that. This is because virtual reality is an embodiment of technology
Virtual reality in building and design world is what is worth evaluating. I feel industries and individuals are going to be obsessed with virtual reality technology more than we can envisage.
About 40% of companies CEO said they were confident about their profit growth potential in the
Artificial intelligence has expanded in the last decades. When we look at the expansion it has achieved, we would see that in the area of tools investment and companies’ setting up and areas of
If you did not read the first articles about “Will robots take our jobs” click here to read before. By emphasis, artificial intelligence is likely to eliminate some middle level and low-level jobs. In fact, it is already doing that. According to Kai-Fu Lee (2017)
If You aware that ever advancing technology world Ubuntu is the best of all Linux distributions and core is the tiniest edition. It is one of the advanced and amazing technological innovations.Ubuntu Core is a Ubuntu
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