Errors are inconsistencies that occur when you open your software and begin to work a project to achieve a particular output. Don’t forget, there is always a reason why you code. Whether you aim to separate some features, visualize, initiate a command prompt in existing software, and many more.

No matter how good, calculative, and smart you are, you are not infallible. Scientist’s involved in space programming have tested this and have realized that every programming language must be test and assessed not just by the physical screening, but with the use of similar category of software that validates the correctness of the language.

You may be a user of several languages, such as Apache Toolkit, and several others, there is always a need for you to “screen” all you do at the end of the program. This is to prevent loopholes like breach in the algorithm or malfunction after your output has been distributed.

There are top machine learning tools that can help to detect errors in your programming

Programmers recognize that perfection is not entirely achievable when building algorithms or code. Hence, to resolve the cases of error, software are being developed to serve as check and security that scan for appropriateness of codes before final publishing.

Deep code

This was founded by Jordan Greenhall. This is unique in that it can understand software code in the way that plagiarism checkers work. It helps in saving a lot of money and time spent in troubleshooting algorithms trying to find errors in your programming. Deep Code system uses a constellation of 2,50,000 rules. It supports other programing languages such as JavaScript, Python in finding bugs in the codes.


This is a hybrid artificial intelligence too built by Facebook. SapFix is a software capable of creating spots that fully or partially revert code submission introduced. When subjected to detection, SapFix suggests fixing bugs in code in which it proposes for approval. Furthermore, it is used to accelerate process of shaping stable code updates to several millions of devices.


This is after the like of artificial intelligence. Developed by Microsoft to work Visual Studio, IntelliCode works to find bugs and detect variables that are not used properly. Its functionality goes beyond simply detection of sentential variables as its signature helps in recommendation of any overload for contexts. Other uses of this tool are in detecting coding styles. This will ensure that your code format follow throughout program.

When IntelliCode works on an existing code and detects an anomaly, it uses the completion list to modify the rest of the code in other to ensure consistency. On GitHub repositories, IntelliCode can scan thousands of projects with 100 stars for most appropriate coding practices.


This is another tool designed by Facebook. It uses AI and that helps SapFix to find and fix code errors before deployment. In conjunction with SapFix, once they find a crashed code, Sapienz send the information to SapFix and it picks strategies in generating a patch. Because of it high artificial intelligence capacity, Sapienz automatically runs and reports thousands of test daily on the app. It was recorded that since Sapienz deployment, it has help developers to fix problems within minutes after codes are written and also, it has tested millions of codes on the Facebook Android application.

These tools are top rated to maximize your programming and to ensure error-free coding.

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