What is Google CIM ?

by Kevin Roger
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Google CIM

The CIM (Common Information Model) is the standard for the computer industry to define the features of device and application so that system administrators and management programs can equally control hardware and software applications from different manufacturers or sources.

If we take Google as an example in Google CIM , if they bought various types of storage or any other hardware devices from various companies they would be able to see the same information like hardware model, serial number, volume capacity and compatibility with other devices etc.

So in Google CIM above all of the information should be able to be accessed from a software programme.

It comprises retrieving information from a CIM metadata file and a revised CIM Schema, as well as using the retrieved data to create an updated CIM metadata file.To provide the CIM information companies use XML.

It is a markup language that specifies a list of norms for encoding documents in a human and computer readable format.

In our example Google CIM, management software can be designed once and work with many different implementations of the common model without requiring complex and costly conversion operations or data loss.

The Distributed Management Task Force defines and releases the CIM standard.The CIM Infrastructure Specification and the CIM Schema are both part of the CIM standard.

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