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by Kevin Roger
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Artificial intelligence is ever-increasing and ruling over every areas of the global market. Today everything is automated in the industrial world. Starting from your smart phones, to computer devices and office/home assets, AI has been integrated into every devices we use today.

An interesting part of artificial intelligence tools is that, market for them is always increasing with about 9.6 billion dollars in 2018 to about 119 billion dollars in 2025 – according to Statistica. These are top ranked mobile tech tools in the area of artificial development. We can be sure to have more sophisticated ones in the coming years.

AI Hardware

For significant improvement and AI effective strategizing, GPU and appliances are being specially designed to run on artificial intelligence-based programing models. AI-optimized Hardware are presently making serious differences in the area of applying deep learning to technological innovations. Examples of investors in this regard are Cray, Nvidia, etc.

Decision management

investors such as Informatica are greatly working in this area. There are engines that compute rules and logic into the Artificial intelligence system. These are done for setup, training, and maintenance. For strong management decision, artificial intelligence tools are intelligently working in this area.

Biometrical evaluation

There is tremendous ad to evaluation-based biometrics so as to allow serious human-machine relationship which includes image, touch sensation, body language and gestures. Biometrics as a tool is being used for market research by vendors such as FaceFirst amongst others.

Natural Language Processing and Textual Analytics

Natural language processing NLP helps to actuate good integration between human and computers. And the goal of this is to read, decode, and make sense of human language in such that is valuable for processing. So, when looking at the usefulness of the NLP with text analytics, it uses text analytics in understanding of structure of sentences, meaning, and intention of sentences through statistics and machine learning methods.

In security and fraud detection, automated assistants and applications used for mining NLP is currently being used. Notable investors in this tool are; Synapsify (an award winning company specializing in building machine learning applications capable of reading and learning written contents), Indico (an intelligent process automation software company), Lexalytics (that uses intent analysis of cloud based technology), Sinequa etc.

Robot process Automaton

This is a tool that uses algorithms and other methods in automating human actions. This automation helps to support significant business process. Not only this, robots can help to do menial and complex physical tasks for humans. Thanks to artificial intelligence. Another case is that Robotic process automation is currently used in situations such as surgical operations where it may too risky or at times may be costly for perform efficiently. Investors in this tool efficacy are UiPath, Advanced Systems Concepts, and many more.

Voice recognition

In artificial intelligence, there are diverse functionality of speech recognition devices, all working for the same purpose. Voice recognition tools helps in transforming and transcribing our speech into forms or formats that are acceptable and readable for machine and computer applications. That is why we can use google when we say (OK Google) and all stuffs. For the record, NICE, OpenText etc. are investing in this area.

There are high benefits that individuals, companies and our society at large are going to gain from AI transformative human interaction facing applications. This will help us develop a kind of interconnected link of enterprise intelligence.

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