There is a belief that in the future, we may develop a generalized artificial intelligence of the same level of intelligence as that of human beings. Comparatively, when this happens, machines intelligence would develop a more advanced version of itself. Does anyone know what this would result into? Well, I guess we wouldn’t need to create perpetual fear within ourselves because; some logistics are in place to watch out for that.

Before we go far, what are we insinuating when machine intelligence evolve to an advanced version of itself? What is being insinuated is a machine evolution process. And, the evolution process has been termed “singularity”. This was first used by Vernor Vinge – a notable scientific fiction writer. The probability of experiencing singularity is studied by Cambridge Center for Study of Existential Risks.

Simply, singularity is the day when machine intelligence matches human intelligence. Scientists have not only hypothesized that it would match human alone, but it would surpass human’s intelligence. If this should occur, we may likely become subordinate to the machines – we would become servants as machines would be controlling us.

In 1993, Vernor Vinge wrote in his book that, thirty years from that time, we would have technological advancement enough to create a kind of superhuman intelligence, and after then, the human race will become extinct. There was another like Vinge who supported this theory. His name was Ray Kurzweil, who in his book proposed that the era of Singularity is closer than we think.  Ray’s idea was that by 2045, our world would have the greatest technological singularity in history. This is said to come in form that it would shake and change the pillars of our society and alter the way we look at ourselves as humans.

Ray opined that we would be able to create super-intelligent computer machines that could conceive information and ideas that no one would ever think of.  That time, our technological tools would be very sophisticated than every technology we have developed today.

This is likely to influence our thought patterns and there is likelihood of humans trying to want to be like the computers. This would be intriguing as humans may probably adopt machine parts to fit other parts of us. Other than machines trying to be like us, we would want to be like them.

Why this? It is simple. In the era of singularity, and since our goal would be to create super-intelligent computers, the artificial intelligence would reach the stage where it would self-learn and not just do this alone, it would use self-learning to recreate itself. And our doom in this is that, the super-intelligent machines would leave us behind. By then, what would be done? Absolutely nothing can be done. Don’t forget how artificial intelligence made top chess players to rethink their existence and chess playing. How about AlphaGo? All these are the symbols of the unbelievable to anticipate in the future.

This is because, the super-intelligent machines would have learned of our environment and master maps, reasoning, decision making, interaction, and most likely intimate things (don’t forget, we already making sex robots to replace human sex partners). We can only anticipate and pray that there is no revolution or war in the future.

Right now, we humans are getting on with the flow, and we all seem to be enjoying it. We are enjoying the achievements we’re accomplishing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These astounding discoveries are impacting our society with both good and bad lucks than we had in the 90s. The fact still remains that; whether the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence is promising or not, we would be available to experience it and maximize our loving technology world.

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