Machine Learning
Many of us don’t believe totally in the pros and cons of artificial intelligence technology. While most people are obsessed with several benefit dimensions, innovations
Artificial intelligence has expanded in the last decades. When we look at the expansion it has achieved, we would see that in the area of tools investment and companies’ setting up and areas of
If you did not read the first articles about “Will robots take our jobs” click here to read before. By emphasis, artificial intelligence is likely to eliminate some middle level and low-level jobs. In fact, it is already doing that. According to Kai-Fu Lee (2017)
If you did not read The history of artificial intelligence part-01 click here to read. It is only a matter of generation, the problem associated with creating artificial intelligence will
As John McCarthy said – artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making not just ordinary machines, but intelligent ones, and most especially, intelligent computer programs. Before we getting to the
RESEARCH ADVANCEMENT IN MAKING TECHNOLOGY MORE HUMAN: THE CURRENT STATE OF THINGS A lot of funding is still on-going in the technological innovations. The
There was a prediction that artificial intelligence would wipe out more than 1.8 million jobs in the globe. In contrast, 2.3 million jobs would be created by 2020. This is to prove that more jobs
If you think what you see in science fiction movies are not possible, then you are living in the 19th century. In our universe today, science is beginning to coincide with those fictions that were
There are quite some questions around the technology of artificial intelligence and robotics. If we look around us, we readily can answer some because we have been exposed to them
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