We live in a world whereby technology is the root of everything. An era in which almost nothing would function without computers or any other devices. Well, it would be unjust to demonize technology and computers, especially with all the advantages it comes along with. Speaking of computers, did you know it would be nearly impossible for your computer to run without an Operating System? Well, now you are in the know.

Operating System (OS) is the interface between the computer’s hardware and software. Additionally, the OS provides services for the computer’s application and helps in running the computer’s hardware. It also facilitates the scheduling of apps and processing, handles network access, filing system, and overseeing peripheral devices.

There are commonly known types of the operating system which include; Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS. However, in this article, we shall only discuss the Linux OS, talk about its uses and its advantages.

About Linux OS

Linux is a compatible open-source Unix-like operating system based on the Linux kernel, which was first released on 17th September 1991. Since then, Linux has been developed and has had several distributions such as;

Uses of Linux OS

Uses of Linux OS

01. Reviving an old or slow computer. This is one of the basic yet best uses of the Linux OS. Installing a lightweight distribution like Ubuntu on it will have your PC running again as good as new.

02. Tightening your security. With Linux OS, you can learn more about work security with the Back Track and Kali distributions.

03.Hosting Website. Linux OS grants you control over everything, including your data, which is much better than placing them in someone else’s hands. With Dreamhost, you can host your RSS or Dropbox clone with your Own Cloud.

04.Troubleshooting other computers. You can boot your friend’s computer using Linux. All you need is just a Solid live CD. Booting from the CD is all that is required to grab all the files you need from the hard drive.

Advantages of using Linux

Advantages of using Linux

Final thoughts

Linux OS is undoubtedly, the best operating system available. Accessing it is way much easier, and at no cost. Designed to perform any task, its distributions will solve every system issue you have. It also comes packed with many advantages, making it even better to use.

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