Prisma Cloud And What You Need To Know

by Kevin Roger
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Prisma Cloud And What You Need To Know

Do you create web services? If yes, then this topic is something you will be interested in. I am going to be exposing you software that gives you ultimate performance. This is not an advertising theme, rather, it is an updated fact that people, most especially you should know and try.

If you are not in line with web service creation, this is a pool of knowledge you can bank on as well. In the following paragraphs, you would be known what Prisma is and for beginners, I’ll be exposing you to Representation State Transfer with the acronym REST.

First, REST is software with an architectural style which defines a series of constraints used in web services. Web service is services offered between electronic devices by communicating through a server like World Wide Web (WWW). Another explanation is a web service is a server running on a computer. When web services conform to REST style, it is called RESTful Web Service (RWS). It’s funny, right? Yeah, it bet it is. The conformation of web service to REST allows for interoperation between computer systems while on the internet.

And now, we need to look at how Prisma cloud works and help REST in performing well for web service. It is believed every good design or web creation needs excellent software such as Pisa.

Prisma cloud offers many features that enable you to build high-performance REST APIs. It has a powerful API and query engine. If you are a developer, it is a nice tool for you.

Outstanding features of Prisma for your REST API

  • High performance query resolution: It has an inbuilt data loader, and this allows it solve N+ 1 problem that ensures that the API is queried maximally. For newbies, data loader is the generic utility used as part of an application’s data, fetching layers that provide constant API on top of a variety of back ends, and reduce requests to the back ends through caching and batching.
  • Realtime API: This is another reason why Prisma is good for your REST API. With Prisma, a good realtime features can be added to your API using the Web Sockets connected to the Prisma real time layer for the database.
    Absence of CRUD-boilerplate: you don’t need to repetitive work which will is time wasteful any longer. Prisma removes every boilerplates for copy, redo, undo, delete (CRUD) for effective task completion. Interestingly, it focuses on feature rather than repetitive work.
  • End-to-end security: Using Prisma, there is end-to-end type safety when designing your application. Prisma equips you to build applications based on coherent and consistent set of types both from your front end application to the database.
  • Prisma compatibility with OpenAI and Swagger: There is nice integration with Swagger and Open AI, thereby making it convenient to add a smart defined structure to the API. Open AI and Swagger are nice software, and when you integrate Prisma with it, you are bound to have good experience.
    Improved Pagination: Prisma out-of-the-box provides good relay connection model that is used to expose pagination in an API.


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