Top 10 Text editor software, Free and open source

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Top 10 Free open source text editor software

When it comes to the programming world everyone knows about what a text editor is and its importance. Fundamentally text editor is a computer application that can be used to edit texts. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 Free and open source text editors.



03.Light Table

04.Visual Studio Code

05.Sublime text editor


07.Komodo Edit



10.Crimson Editor


Atom is an attractive open source text editor and it can be used to edit texts for many programming languages.

Atom text editor features :

  • Multi Platform compatibility-Atom works in Linux, Windows and Mac Os
  • By using Atom open source package manager you can install new packages or build custom packages.
  • Atom autocomplete feature helps to form codes more easily and accurately.
  • You can use file system browser to open project files easily.
  • To compare and edit code across scripts, split the Atom GUI into several panes.
  • Atom GUI can be customized by using its built in themes or creating custom themes.


    Download atom

02. Brackets

If you are looking for a text editor for web development purposes Brackets is the best one.It was developed by Adobe systems and built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Most of the front end developers use this text editor for their web development projects.

Brackets text editor features :

  • Brackets is a new, small and efficient text editor.
  • Rather than switching between the file tabs, Brackets helps you to open a window into the code you mind about most.
  • You can link your browser to Brackets and see the changes in real time.
  • Brackets has Preprocessor Support.
  • Extensions can be used to add features to Brackets.

brackets text editor

Download Brackets

03. Light Table

Light table is an advanced open source text editor and integrated development environment with lots of developer friendly features.

Light table text editor features :

  • According to development project preferences you can customize and personalize everything in the Light table.
  • Embedding feature helps to embed graphs and visuals.
  • Lightweight text editor so it uses less resources.
  • Attractive graphical user interface.
  • Easy to use plugin manager.

light table text editor

Download Light table

04.Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a powerful code editor with an amazing user interface. It was developed by Microsoft corporation using JavaScript and CSS.

Visual Studio Code features :

  • Highly customizable workspace.
  • syntax highlighting and  code smart auto completion.
  • Easily debug-code from the editor.
  • Visual studio code is integrated with Git commands so that helps to stage files,Review diffs and make commits.
  • This is an extensible text editor so installing new languages, themes and debuggers are very easy.
  • Multi Platform compatibility-VS code works in Linux, Windows and Mac Os.

visual studio code

Download Visual Studio Code

05. Sublime text editor

Sublime editor is a shareware but its basic functions are free to use.

Sublime text editor Features :

  • Sublime is a cross platform compatible text editor so you can install it on OS X ,Windows and Linux.
  • By using split editing options you can split windows for your convenience.
  • Customizing menus, macros and snippets are very easy in Sublime text editor.
  • Hundreds of Community Made Packages.

sublime text editor

Download Sublime text editor

06. Notepad++

If you are looking for a simple text editor for Windows, Notepad ++ is the ideal text editor.

Notepad++ text editor features :

  • Completely free to use.
  • Notepad++ is built in C++.
  • It is a lightweight text editor and uses less power so it is said that it is an environmentally friendly text editor.


Download Notepad++

07. Komodo Edit

Komodo edit is another lightweight but powerful open source text editor for developers.

Komodo Edit Features :

  • Accurate auto complete feature.
  • You can track changes from the komodo edit.
  • Cross platform compatibility. Komodo edit running on Windows,Linux and Mac Os.
  • It supports many languages including HTML,CSS,Python,Ruby,Perl and JavaScript.

komodo edit

Download komodo edit

08. Vim text editor

Vim is a highly customizable, completely free and open source text editor.

Vim text editor features :

  • Multi Platform compatible text editor it can install on Windows, Linux and Mac Os.
  • Search and replace feature helps to faster coding.
  • Vim can be used to code in many programming languages.
  • Supports a lot of file formats.
  • Syntax highlighting feature helps to minimize errors.

vim text editor

Download Vim text editor

09.Geany text editor

If you are looking for a faster text editor use Geany as your text editor.

Geany text editor features :

  • Minimal loading time and use less system resources.
  • Geany has a huge community of users so it is easy to get help from them.
  • Themes can be customized according to users requirements.
  • Supports most of the main file types.
  • Users can add new features using plugins.

geany text editor

Download Geany text editor

10. Crimson Editor

Crimson is a small text editor and mainly use to edit codes in HTML.

Crimson text editor features :

  • This text editor is a good alternative to notepad.
  • It runs only in Windows.
  • Besides being a small text editor it has many powerful features like syntax highlighting, spell checker and print preview.

crimson editor

Download Crimson Editor

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