With all the rating and hyping around machine learning, more than 90% of enterprises are becoming inquisitive about how they can also benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence to their workstations and work-life. Don’t forget that machine learning involves an analytics process that uses data for buildup and adopts the data to improve through learning. Machine learning uses ideal insight learning from existing data. With machine learning, computers would be able to do things they are not coded for.

Well, probably you didn’t notice, this information you are reading right now has element of machine learning. You are able to read this because your search experience has been adapted to suggest similar and related ones. This does not require specific algorithm, the system processing simple self-learns and advance all by itself using what data it is being fed with.

Product recommendation

If you have purchased any goods on eBay before, you would be familiar with this, that when you first made your purchase, you surveyed quite a number of things before finally settling for the particular one you purchased. The second time you tried to purchase another product, I am sure several other products were displayed to you even though you didn’t search for them. That is by the way. Have you thought about how YouTube suddenly show cluster of related videos when you try to log on. The fact is, your view, and purchase history are saved and the computer acclimatizes itself to them for the next time you would be viewing something similar.

Machine learning engages in analysis of browse history and then the algorithm identifies the pattern similarity among what you try to purchase and then group related products into a single group. This is different from what we had in the earlier stage of machine learning where algorithm would have to only separate items in two places to be seen. Our self-learning machine has gone beyond that today.

Optimized efficiency in predictive maintenance

Machine learning helps companies in creating a massive and well-constructed maintenance plan and this as proven effective for top manufacturing companies. With machine learning usefulness in prediction maintenance plan, they can curb unnecessary and unforeseen drawbacks. Although companies have manual practices of predictive maintenance in their company structures, using digitalized machine learning has been proving effective.

Advanced accuracy in finance

We have passed the era where data are to be computed and analyzed and then, some errors which are irrelevant would surface. Machine learning is currently benefitting areas such as portfolio management and fraud anomalies. With machine learning, top companies financial rules and templates are being improved.

Time efficient documentation

While data computation can take weeks or months to do many years ago, machine learning now takes up the tasks and do that within hours. Moreover, other than company’s staff updating clients’ data on a daily basis, machine learning takes it up to update itself.  So, while staff is relieved of the computational tasks, they can channel their energies into doing other things.

Healthcare diagnostics and prescriptions

In the health care system, machine learning has proven tremendously satisfying. When patents provide information on a particular health issue, subsequent individuals with similar issues can quickly be responded to using the accumulation of stored symptoms of other patients. Not only in the hospitals alone, there are mobile software that does this perfectly well. A number of applications allows users to know how they are feeling and what they can do to sustain themselves by simply tying how they feel on the software, and the software reads the text using its natural processing language to form patterns to tell exactly what the name of the issue is based on the imputed similar symptoms from several other users and then prescribes what to be done.

Email spam detection, and Facebook face recognition techniques of tagging are some of other serious examples of machine learning uses scenarios. Machine learning is rising at the peak of giant valued innovation trend.

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